Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic 21st – 31st May 2020.

Are you a promoter, teacher or just want to bring your friends with you?  If the answer is yes then this is the page for you!  You can get your place entirely FREE by introducing referrals.

Promoters:  Advertise in your networks

Teachers: Bring your students and receive a “Teach the Teacher Package” FREE!

Dancers:  Bring your friends

Its as simple as bring 10 people and get your place entirely FREE.

Enter your details below along with the Promo Code you want to use and we will send you a promoters pack.  Once your referrals book using your Promo Code it will go against your allocation (10).  Thats it  once you reach your 10 then we will contact you an confirm your place.

t&c apply:  Referrals do not carry a cash value. All 10 referrals must be confirmed with as a minimum a deposit before your place is confirmed.  All referrals must use your Promo Code and book on the same package, failure to use the Promo Code will result in the referral not being counted (Strictly no exceptions).  If the full 10 referrals have not been met then a sliding scale will come in to effect (as detailed in the contract).

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